ST. JUNIPERO SERRA: peanut figure

A very fun and quick-to-make figure of to make: His face is a peanut! His robe is a circle which is formed into a cone shape. His arms are glued on.

Paint a peanut skin colour (or leave the peanut in its own natural colour). In the case of peanut allergies, you can substitute a wooden spoon. The peanut forms the head of the figure. Add facial features with felt pen and yarn hair.
Copy the pattern for the robe, cut out and trace onto construction or scrapbook paper.
Cut out the robe pattern. Roll it into a cone shape and glue to the neck of the peanut “head” with the seam at the back. Glue the back edges of the robe together.
St. Junipero’s tonsure is made from a strip of yarn glued around his head.

FOR HIS ARMS: Glue two strips of paper to the back to form arms. Glue hands to the back of the “arms.”